Good days.



Today is going to be a great day. 

I will make sure of it.

At the age of 25, one would think that I would have my life sorted out already. I would know exactly what I want. What kind of life I want to live and how I am going to live it. 

Absolutely not and I know I am not alone. 

It’s not a race because everyone discovers themselves at different points in their life. Sometimes the thoughts that I create are ridiculous and I want to slap myself silly. 

“Stop being silly, Kris!”

Why do we dwell on such negativity in our lives? Why do we even question this at all? We weren’t placed on earth so we can be miserable. Everyone has a task to do, whatever it is. But we must do it in the most positive manner possible. 

“Life is a one way street”

It truly is! We cannot just dispose a crummy life and go purchase a new one at the store. We have one life, one journey, one ending. 

Live it well.