“I have a baby face…deal with it.”

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This is unfortunately true.

I swear my face (and possibly my disease of being “short”) is almost always questioned with people I meet on a daily basis.

“Hey there’s this really cool bar up the street we need to go to. Do you like to drink? Are you 21?” 

Sad to say, I have heard this question from people who are couple years younger than me! Are you carding me at the door?….Then don’t worry about it!

For people who suffer from this “baby face syndrome”, you must understand how it feels. You’ve probably tried to change up the way you dress. Making sure your outfit is mature enough but not something your grandpa or grandma would wear.

Maybe you started to feel self concious with the way you talk to people. Lowering your voice because maybe your normal voice is too squeaky.

Oh…and when it come to social media, art, movies, whatever….It seems like you are constantly fighting to prove you can recall those TV shows/movies/music from the late 80s or 90s.

To the ladies, the dating scene can be oh so tricky:

You would imagine finding that perfect guy with the same interests and same age would be easy as pie. Naw. They think you’re younger than them! The only guys that actually may find you attractive are the older men going through some mid-life crisis. Using YOU, young lass, to compensate their old age. (Unless you like them older men, go for it!)

It seems to be constant battle that was never intended to be at all…

After you tell them your actual age, they will respond with this exact phrase or something similar like, “Oh wow?! You look sooooo young! I would have guessed you were 20…21 or something?”

You can’t get too upset because they didn’t know. Then you would respond, “Eh, its okay. I get that a lot.”

Oh and when you think the conversation would stop there….they’ll finish off by telling you… your favorite cliche….

“It’ll be great when you get older….Your looks will benefit you by then!”


I am getting older now. I look fine the way I am. In fact, I look great…NOW!

We, “baby face” individuals, do not need other people’s sympathy for this particular issue. The only reason it’s an issue is because you, “non baby face” person, brought it up.

We have other problems in our own lives and THIS was not one of them…until you decided to ask.

We understand you are curious, but trust me, it feels more like an insult than a compliment.

So, to all you “baby faces” out there, do not feel discouraged. 

In fact, ladies: maybe that guy you’ve been crushin’ wasn’t meant for you anyway. By the time you turn 40, he’s going to look 80!

“So yes, our looks will benefit us in the long run while you, ‘non baby faces’, will look like raisins.”


Talk normal, dress as you may, and just stick to being…You!