The Toothache post.



Have you ever had a toothache? 

It really sucks. 

Like, it really, truly sucks!!

So I’ve recently dealt with the most annoying, unbearable toothache in the world.

The pain was so obnoxious that I could not focus on anything. ANYTHING!

Finally after buckets of tears and having a mild case of tourettes, I was fortunate enough to have a fellow grad student start my root canal treatment.

[Side note: I am a dental hygiene student, so finding a dentist in my school is easy piecey]

Thank you to Dr. Ball [“known hottie of the Graduate Endo”] he was able to relieve majority of the pain from my angry tooth.

So this is where I being the moral of my dramatic tooth story…

So I knew I needed a root canal about two months ago and I was still figuring out how on earth I was going to pay for it.

I mean, my dental hygiene school is expensive as heck and now I have to get a root canal?? At my home dentist and with insurance, it would still cost me over $1200! So school was another option, but their price was still over my budget.

So I had planned to wait it out. Afterall, I wasn’t experiencing any pain…..

and so I thought.

The pain from hell “hit me like a hurricane” last week!

No warning signs or symptoms to prepare. No sign of Paul Revere!

I was in utter misery, hoping every night the pain would just magically disappear in the morning.


Then last Thursday, I could not take it anymore. The pain had skyrocketed and I finally surrendered. I quickly walked out of my theory class and headed to the bathroom because I knew room temperature water was the only thing that would neutralize my pain.


I was moaning for help and my eyes had glossed over with tears!

So I sprinted from the bathroom to the Grad Endo hoping for even just a consultation!

But my sorrow had masked the room so heavily, the ladies grasped my pain and found a way to get immediate treatment for me.

Wow, I sounded a bit intense there!

Badaboom, badabang, I was a million times better, despite feeling the numbness on my entire right side.

But I was relieved and thankful for all their help.

Moral of the story is coming, I PROMISE!

So, as I was sitting in the patient chair, numbed and having itty bitty drills slicing my tooth; All I kept thinking was “The damage is done!”

“I get my somewhat normal life again!”

What I mean is; the pain, the stress, or whatever negative feeling we experience in our daily lives has a life span too. Or a time span.

They don’t last forever unless we actually keep dwelling on it.

That is why we all have a choice to take action of our problems.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Especially when you really need it! No matter how small or how dramatic it is, there are people [sometimes we call them friends] who are willing to help you.

Don’t be prideful, be grateful.