New Semester. New Goals.


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I have about a week left before school begins and I cannot wait.

Yes, I start in July. Not entirely thrilled about that, but looking forward being productive with schoolwork and all those shenanigans.

It’s been quite a bumpy journey getting to this point in my life again but I do not regret it.

“NO RAGRETS!” (reference from We’re the Millers)

Everyone says that same cliche. “Everything happens for a reason.” That statement is true, but I tend to argue with it sometimes.

That I will save for another post.


With a very eventful semester such as mine, filled with good and bad, it is safe to tell myself “I’m ready now.”

I’m ready to get back to my seriousness and finish what I started.

Okay, maybe not total seriousness, but at least on the school part for that matter.

Though this new adventure for me has been a challenge. Mentally that is. Trying not to let my pride get the best of me. I think we all deal with that in various scenarios. For me, it’s not worrying about the fact that I am having to restart my entire Fall Semester because of one class!


Okay, still bugs me….but you can see I’m slowly working on it.

I hoping once orientation is over and actual classes begin, it won’t bother me as much.¬†I hope!

But I feel like I have a great support system from my family and friends. I even have a roomate this year. Whom I think will motivate me in a very positive way.

Her name is Sara and I love her to pieces. Even though we are such great friends, I think we both see that floating thought of “is this chick going to be crazy or will I have to murder her and hide the body? Then how am I going to pay rent?!” But we will find out and see.

Weird to say this, but I am also looking forward to not falling in love….just yet!

Like most hopeless romantics, I’ve had my heart trampled on quite a few times and feel like its not as juicy as it was before. Juicy? Ah, yes juicy. Healthy. Alive with love ready to burst out any moment….yes, juicy.

So I am giving my heart time to fuel up before I meet better people in my life. Maybe even the best person in my life. But we will see.

I am just really looking forward for such a great year to come. We should always embrace on delightful moments ahead of us instead lingering with what sets us back.