“Love is a full-time job”

The Mind Speaks, Uncategorized

It’s true.

I honestly do not care how busy you are or the “I will call you later,” but never do. You, my friend are not fit for this type of job.

The job to “love” me.

I put parenthesis around the word love because I am not hoping that the next guy I meet falls head over heels with me instantly! Not everyone can have a fairytale story. Though the thought of having a man fall off his horse or defeat a monstrous creature in your backyard does seem heroic….that just ain’t for me.

The kind of love I desperately desire isn’t how many dates he takes me or how many shiny gifts he will bring. I desire more than that.

I want honesty. This should be a TOP priority for everyone. How can you develop any relationship if you are building it on a lie? I am not your résumé, don’t dump all your bullshit on me!

I want appreciation. Appreciate the way I appreciate him. Accepting me for the way I am. I’m awkward and sometimes a little needy. I’m goofy but will worry if you’re not okay.

I want company. I want you to be as comfortable with me as I am with you. From the warmth of your hands to the sound of your voice, I need to know you will be there always. Even when different cities to different time zones keep us apart.

I thought I would write more but everything just seems to sum into my last desire.


Most importantly, I want happiness. It’s odd that I would want it this desperately because I am genuinely a very happy person and I have a enormous heart. I’m a people pleaser and spend more of my time making sure their happiness box is filled up, leaving mine empty. When mine is empty….well, you get the picture. I tend to not listen to my gut feeling. A lot. When I know something is wrong I almost always give the situation a “benefit of the doubt.”

Whoever you will be, all I ask is to keep me happy. Be honest, be appreciative, and just be there.



*courtesy photo from google*

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